“One Simple Daily Act at a Time”

Virgin Press manufactures and distributes Organic Cold Pressed Juice sourced from the healthiest locally farmed ingredients. Our mission is to support local sustainable farming as well as create early childhood nutritional programs wherever Virgin Press is sold.

Every bottle of juice purchased contributes to juice being gifted to a beneficiary local public school.

Our objective in doing this is to provide high quality organic nutrition to children across the world on a free or subsidized basis.

You effortlessly do something good for someone else, while doing something good for yourself.

We employ loving high functioning individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to help handcraft our juices.

Since our goal is to consistently produce the best quality juice, we employ individuals who thrive on consistency and routine.

In 2016, we hope to establish our first internship program geared towards Autistic individuals who want to become juice technicians.

Implement Early Childhood



Donate bottles of juices to designated public schools from the success of the juice sales.

Provide opportunity for customers to match donations and gift bottles full of juice directly to a child who wants it.

Partner with Local Sponsors to expand the program and provide more organic liquid food at bare costs to impoverished schools

Autism Works Foundation


High functioning individuals on the spectrum strive in a routine setting requiring consistency

These special folks natural attention to detail ensures best quality juice in every drop

Thank you for supporting Virgin Press and empowering us to show you what we can do