VP Operations

Michael Shapira brings heart and charm to business development, branding, and consulting. His keen eye for strategy and storytelling particularly in the hospitality, food, and beverage industry since 2009 specializes in boutique hotel property food and beverage management and spans to operational management, brand development, lease negotiation, menu shaping, and securing liquor sponsorships.
Shapira brings talent in management and team­building as well as a degree in business administration and marketing to major franchises such as AROMA Espresso Bar and the development of boutique Miami Beach hotel bars and lobby restaurants where he is Managing Partner, such as Shelley Hotel, Hotel Leon Sushi Bar and Restaurant, Hotel Clifton, Hotel Nash, and the Cartlon. In 2011, Shapira also started, customized, and designed his first high­end wine bar and restaurant, Wine Vault in Midtown Miami, that he currently owns and operates.